Fitting a Pizza Oven Into Your Backyard

Wood fired pizza ovens have become a popular choice for outdoor cooking. They make a great focal point for entertaining areas, and allow you to cook pizzas authentically. And pizza ovens are not just for pizza either; many types of food can be cooked in them, from whole fish to delicate desserts. Wood fired pizza ovens are particularly good for roasting meats and slow cooking casseroles.

To make the most of your pizza oven and turn your backyard into an extension of your house, you might choose to include it in an existing outdoor room, or you might create a new area with patio covers or pergola roofing.

Pizza oven requirements

A typical oven is comprised of a brick or metal base, and is built to a working height of a little over a metre, and finished off with a domed top. The oven needs to have around 1.5 metres of clearance in front to accommodate the shovel-shaped tool used to place the pizzas in the oven, and move them around to ensure even cooking. It’s a good idea to include space for built-in work surfaces on either side of the oven to prepare pizzas and provide a place to rest them before they go into the oven and when they are removed.


Chances are if you’re cooking food with multiple toppings, bits are likely to fall onto the floor, potentially leaving a grease stain. With this in mind, choose a flooring material that is resistant to spills and staining. It should also be slightly rough to help prevent people from slipping on any unnoticed spills.

Design ideas

Use colours that already feature in your home or backyard landscape. Consider including a sink, fridge, work surfaces, and bar area. These can be added to an existing outdoor room, or be custom designed for a new entertaining area.

If your pizza oven will be a distance away from your usual food preparation area and cooking supplies, you may want to include a storage area close to where your oven will be situated. This area can be used to store cutlery, dishes, and cleaning supplies.

Safety considerations

Make sure a professional installs your pizza oven, to ensure it doesn’t pose any sort of fire hazard.

If you plan your pizza oven installation with your overall landscape in mind, you and your family will be able to enjoy your outdoor entertainment area and fresh delicious pizzas for years to come!

8 April 15