Superior colour performance
The 3-stage HD COLOR-COTE coating process produces one of the finest and most durable modern coatings available.

Hot alkaline cleaning of the metal followed by roll-on application of a Chromatic Conversion Coating, which prevents corrosion and improves paint adhesion.


A specially formulated polyester primer is applied, designed for flexibility and corrosion resistance.

Finish coat

A polyester-resin top coat, designed for greater exterior durability and flexibility, is applied and then oven baked.

Coating process benefits
HD COLOR-COTE is applied to the metal by roller coating; an accurately controlled application with consistent tolerances, far superior to powder coating. This ensures your outdoor living area is protected with a roof which will withstand the harsh elements and resist fading over time.
corrosion resistant

Built to withstand the harsh Australian outdoors with corrosion resistance.

colour retention

One of the finest and most durable modern coatings available.

smooth finish

Roller coating allows for a consistently smooth finish every time compared to powder coating.

Superior high gloss

Higher gloss coatings offer more vibrant colour, enhance fade resistance and easy maintenance.


High gloss coatings have high reflection capabilities, resulting in a longer lasting surface and reduced heat transfer.