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The entire roofing range is manufactured right here in Australia in our manufacturing facility based in Wetherill Park, Sydney. Shademaster has over 60 years of heritage, producing the highest quality painted steel and aluminium products, built to withstand the local Australian environment.

We’ve got you covered with a 10-Year Warranty on Steel Single Skin Roofing & Steel Insulated Roofing, and a 15-Year Warranty on Aluminium Single-Skin & Aluminium Insulated Roofing.

Shademaster outdoor roofing is suitable to a variety of custom design solutions for your patio, carport, gazebo and any other outdoor living requirement. 

No. Unfortunately Shademaster only supplies materials to authorised dealers who are across the specific engineering requirements and construction methods associated with Shademaster roofing panels. With a warranty on all dealer installed Shademaster products, you can relax knowing you have a quality outdoor space that will stand the test of time.

It's free. Request a quote now and we’ll arrange for your local Shademaster dealer to contact you as soon as possible.

Shademaster Aluminium roofing for ultimate environmental protection and durability. Whilst Shademaster steel roofing is suited for many roofing designs and locations, Aluminium roofing is the ideal choice for coastal and harsh marine environments. It is corrosion resistant, highly durable and reflect more heats and cools down quicker.

Our roofing has been engineered for Australian conditions (to NCC guidelines) and is compliant with Australian Standards. It has been independently tested and approved for cyclonic regions^.

Yes, Shademaster Insulated roofing is certified up to BAL-40 (Bushfire Attack Level).

Yes, Shademaster single skin roofing without the use of Naturelite system is suited to flame zone areas.

It is difficult to produce a smooth, thin film of colour with powder coating as multiple coats are required to achieve an acceptable finish. The end result is a thicker coating that is brittle and more susceptible to cracking.

The Shademaster HD COLOR-COTE roller coating process allows for the thickness of the application to be accurately controlled to produce a consistent, smooth finish every time.

High gloss coatings highlight the vibrancy of the colour and is more resistant to fading when compared to lower gloss options used in the market. High gloss coatings are also a lot easier to clean and maintain.

High gloss levels tend to highlight surface imperfections, a reason why many others in the market tend to offer a lower gloss coating. We are confident enough in the quality of our panels to be able to feature a high gloss coating and still achieve a superior surface appearance.

Shademaster's heritage in Australia is renowned for producing the highest quality home improvement products. Shademaster was acquired in July 2018 by Bondor Australia who have over 65 years of experience in Australia in the manufacture and innovation of thermal building solutions for walling and roofing products.

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