Various roofing design options
At Shademaster, you’ll find everything you need for your ideal outdoor roofing.
Endless design options, premium materials
Planning to make improvements to your outdoor living space? We’ve got you covered! Combining exceptional outdoor roofing designs, premium roofing materials and quality installations, we can provide you with the best quality solutions to achieve the outdoor living space you desire.
Quality Service

Our design consultants work with you on selecting the best roofing solutions for you from wide range of functional and stylish products.

Exceptional Design

Our roofing designs following the highest standards and use quality materials for excellent performance and durability. We proudly design and construct outdoor roofing with products that are Australian made.

Impeccable Style

Our roofing product can be used in a wide variety of style applications, as well as a number of standard and custom design options - so we’ll find the roofing solution you need here.

Premium Material

Engineered locally and manufactured to withstand the Australian climate, ensures the finished product lasts longer. You get great value for your money and you can enjoy your outdoor area for many years to come.

Excellent Installation

Shademaster roofing is built to last with our engineering specialists. Our Shademaster dealers are trained to ensure you receive the highest quality roofing constructruction and installation.