Choose Shademaster
Over 60 years manufacturing experience for the Australian market.

Combining exceptional design and premium materials, we can provide you with the solutions you need to achieve the outdoor living space you desire.

Highest standards
Our products have been designed and manufactured following the highest standards, ensuring excellent performance and durability.
made in australia

Crafted in Australia by Bondor, with 65 years of local experience in building systems with expertise in producing premium, high quality products.

superior aluminium roofing

Choose from high grade steel or opt for Aluminium roofing for ultimate environmental protection. Shademaster Aluminium roofing panels provide total peace of mind for coastal and wet area environments as it will not rust.

minimal maintenance

A durable and easy-to-clean finish with the prepainted steel from COLORBOND®.

10 & 15 year warranty

Enjoy total peace of mind with a 10 year warranty on Steel or a 15 year warranty on Aluminium Shademaster roof panels.

operational testing

The W-Pan and Flat Profiles have been independently tested and approved for cyclonic regions.