Clever Ways to Add Storage to a New Outdoor Room

Outdoor rooms tend to be multi-purpose spaces used for everything from entertaining to just hanging out with the family. This usually means outdoor rooms require some clever storage, so they don’t end up permanently cluttered and untidy.

Built-in storage options

The ideal time to look at storage options is when you’re planning your outdoor room extension. By doing this, you can incorporate permanent storage as part of the design right from the outset. Example of storage include:

  • Built-in cupboards. These can form a feature in your outdoor room, or may be designed to be near invisible for a more minimalist effect.
  • Built-in shelving. Whether you need shelving or not could well depend on how you plan to use your room. Think books, board games, and decorative knick knacks for example.
  • Built-in seating. Incorporating bench seats into your design can mean a range of potential benefits. Firstly, they offer cosy spots to curl up and read, and extra seating when you have a crowd. Also, if they’re built with hinged lids underneath loose cushions, they can be used to store lots of things.

Using occasional furniture for storage

Various pieces of furniture can be used for extra storage – some of them becoming dual-purpose items. You may already have pieces that you can re-purpose, saving you money. Examples include:

  • Antique wardrobes. A wardrobe doesn’t always have to be used for its original purpose. By gutting it and installing shelves, it can become a very useful storage piece, and a decorative statement at the same time.
  • Old suitcases. These are becoming very popular as decorative items, but don’t discount the storage potential. You could, for instance, keep sports gear in them, and the whole suitcase can be picked up and packed into the car if you’re heading out for a picnic and want to take the kids’ cricket gear. A stack of old suitcases can be a funky addition to your outdoor room when you’re styling it.
  • Chests and boxes. Using antique chests and boxes as coffee tables is an old practice, and one that is a no-brainer when it comes to an outdoor room. You may find you feel comfortable going for a more industrial look in a less formal space, so hunt for old toolboxes and tin trunks, rather than timber antiques.

Storage solutions in outdoor rooms can take a fairly flexible approach, depending on the style of the space, your budget, and your imagination.

Storage can be specifically tailored to your requirements if you’re planning it as part of the overall design pre-build, or you can utilise innovative furniture items to meet your storage needs in an existing space.

29 June 15